Eastern Steam

Bakemono Compound

Shoot out on the sea.

Ben Awn

A good listen check and Dim-See realizes there’s the sound of beating feet going away down the corridor. The team decides to give chase and trust to luck to avoid traps. This mainly involves putting the monk with the best saves up ahead of the party. A quick chase ensues down the corridor where the team runs down a corridor and passes by 5 locked rooms and triggers a poison gas trap (2 con damage) and a fire ward trap (party avoids it) before arriving at a small beach and an underground river.

Four motorized skiffs, 2 crates of grenades, and 3 crates of guns rest on the beach here. There’s a steady chug chug chug sound echoing down the walls of the underground river from the Wujen’s skiff heading down the underground river. The Wujen’s rather noisy craft can be heard but not seen.

A quick set of skill checks to operate the steam punk paddle wheel on the skiff and some boating skill later the party doesn’t close any distance but they don’t loose the Wujen either. The underground river eventually opens out the face of a sea side cliff. The ocean is well lit by the sun and it’s easy to see the the Wujen’s skiff heading for a larger ship anchored about a mile out to sea.

Given most foreign vessels have cannons. The group wisely decides not to cross the open sea in broad daylight to get to the ship. So they turn around to check out the underground compound. They find an iron portcullis that can be lowered to shut off access to the compound from the sea about 1/2 up the under ground river and shut it behind them.

3-5 hours of exploring the compound and searching ensues.

The Wujen’s quarters is covered in an artfully tailored silk canopy to look like a giant spider web hanging from the ceiling. The room contains a large bed and with a heavy chest at it’s foot. Good perception rolls reveals there’s all sorts of spiders hiding around the room staying in here for to search is just tempting a bite by a venomous spider. So they drag the big chest out and check the next room over.

An adjoining room contains 2 beds with 2 smaller footlockers there are two artfully painted wall scrolls here of geisha holding daggers behind their backs. There’s also what appears to be a set of climbing gear here. Indicating the Wujen’s henchmen are probably ninjas.

The 5 doors the group passed on the long corridor leading up to the compound are all locked and contain various trade goods.

1. Canvas, tools (nails, hammers, chisels, axes, shovels, crowbars), rope – with a brick of opium hidden among the cloth. And some blue and white uniforms.
2. Western food stuffs
3. 20 kegs of explosive powder
4. 5 crates of opium – Gershwin fails his trap disarm here badly and is knocked out by another poison needle.
5. Fine art, porcelain dishes, silverware, candle holders, fine textiles. – Another poison gas trap goes off here an catches the party. 2 con damage

The crates all have this Western house symbol that no-one recognizes but they do happen to remember the 5 foreign grenadiers in the last outpost they were at all had this same emblem on their clothing.

A lot of this is obviously valuable but unrealistic to carry with the party. Some really bad assessment rolls later they take the shinny stuff.

The party takes some time to load up their booty onto 3 of the skiffs and tie the skiffs together. About this time there’s the some very German accented shouts coming from the bakemono camp well entrance to the compound. “Fan out and find the intruders!” in a very Austrian accent. As the sound of several jack booted thugs start echoing down the halls. The whole group has low light vision so they easily see the soldiers light source before the soldiers spot them.

The party rushes to the boat and runs a line of explosive powder from the magazine room to the beach and lights it. Not really being all that experienced with explosives Dim-See grossly underestimates how fast the power burns as he lights the line of powder and in less than a second the powder has flashed all the way into the powder room. Causing a tremendous explosion that collapses the corridor and blasting Dim See who was standing at the entrance to the corridor lighting the powder into the boat. The rest of the team waiting at the boats voids the worst of it as they duck behind the edge of the boats.

A quick perception check later an ominous sizziling bacon sound coming from one of the crates of grenades is headed off at the pass by some quick action by Ben-awn dumping the crate of grenades into the water. There’s a few muffled wumps under water and everyone gets drenched but otherwise no harm done.

Dim See who was KO’d by the blast is revived by a cure spell from Gowan. At least the jack booted thugs aren’t following.

The team navigates their heavily laden skiffs out into the sea to get on the ship. Its early evening at this point and a thick mist has rolled into the harbor. Perfect for getting closer to the big ship.

They prep one boat with the remaining crate of grenades to ram the side of the ship and blow up. A failed attempt at trickery with Gowan using ventriloquism to make it sound like the boats coming from the other side gets the bomb boat shot up by 20 soldiers. The explosion while spectacular is partially underwater and not right up against the ship so the bomb boat doesn’t do as much damage as it could have to the clipper ship.

But this distraction does cause enough confusion to give the team a chance to maneuver up to the anchor lines and climb on board get on board as crew members and soldiers round around putting out fires and patching the leak in the hull.

There is the sound of shrill asian woman’s voice yelling bellow deck at a Captain Von Holt. “What sort of incompetent are you? You assured me that your men would have wiped out these intruders in the cave!” Captain Von Holt is calmly giving orders his men.

Now that the party is on board they quickly get the impression there are very few people on the ship. The greater portion of the soldiers were probably sent to sweep the compound and haven’t returned at this point.

Pressing their advantage Ben-awn dressed as a soldier heads into the fore cabin and convinces the 2 ninja their mistress needs their assistance. And at the same time Gowan using ventriloquism to sound like the captain directs all the top side crew to assist the bellow decks. The bluff works and the 2 ninja and 10 or so men top side go to help patch the hole bellow decks.

Less than a minute later more shrill yelling ensues as the ninjas are commanded topside again with a contingent of soldiers. This has given the team good time to get in ambush position however and the vanguard of 10 soldiers quickly goes down in a heap after a rain of stones on deck from Dim-See. Some straggling soldiers and the ninjas storm the deck next and engage the party. Some more team effort and the 2 ninjas and 8 more soldiers are down. Ben-awn takes some heavy damage from the combined assault from the ninjas and Dim-See is winged by a bullet.

Captain Von Holt and Shirin Shen (Wujen) have taken a secret way up to the captains quarters at the aft and jump out to engage the team. The same deadly flaming spider swarm spell lands on the party but most are able to escape it’s clutches on the open deck of the ship. Von Holt lets loose with a blunderbuss and hits all 3 of the heroes.

Von Holt is armed with very modern revolvers and a etherium shield belt which is deflecting most shots.

Shirin Shen is stunned by a stunning fist from Ben-Awn and Von-Holt futilely tries to shoot Dim-See’s weasel which in turn wins a grapple check runs up Von-holt’s pants and bites Von-Holt in the crotch and causes a point of Con damage.

Ben Awn’s next attacks knock out the Wujen.

Dim-See closes the distance on the distracted captain and stabs Von-Holt in the chest with his scimitar. Gowen tries to slumber the captain and it does not take hold. The captain takes 3 shots at Dim-See and only lands one. Then the captain takes a moment to throw the offending weasel in his pants into the ocean.

Ben-Awn engages and misses. Gowen shoots the captain with some arcane missiles for a good hit. The Dim-See misses his second attack. The captain misses the broad side of a barn with his next attacks and Ben-Awn closes the battle with multiple fists to Von-Holts face.

Shirin is turned over to the imperial shogunate as are any plans and documents the party acquired from the ship.

The team returns triumphantly to Lekoi and is rewarded handsomely for their retrieval of the Amethyst Crane statue by the Crane Clan and given a imperial commendation for their work in uncovering and foiling this an trade alliance between the Spider Clan and East Wind Trading company.

You have made enemies of the Spider and Scorpion Clans after foiling their plot to do secret trade with western powers.

Next time:
The story progresses. A few more adventures on the frontier of the Dark Lands gains the heroes some amount of fame and the respect of the district governor. They are asked to represent the interest of the Shogunate as imperial agents.

Characters are now 5th level. You get the incremental increase in money appropriate for a 5th level character. Acquire gear as you like with that money. As before the CR of the gear cannot exceed your level. 3.5 DnD stuff is ok with approval.

You are now all trusted agents of the imperial shogunate. You all have a perk at this point that gives you +1 to interaction roll with native Rokugan citizens.

Notable items should you wish to keep them:
Von Holts Gear:
Von Holts – Etherium Shield Belt AC 6 – 6 round charge
Single Action Revolvers (2) – Rapid Fire 3 shots per round -2 cumulative penalty per shot past the first 6 shot capacity 1d6 damage. Precision damage can only be applied to the first shot in a volley. 2 rounds to reload.

Blunderbuss – 1 shot, 5 rounds to reload, 2d6 damage to 30 ft cone.

Shirin’s Gear:
Slippers of Spider Climbing
Kimono of Iron Silk AC 4
2 scrolls summon swarm 2nd level spell
Spider spirit summoning charm – Summons a spirit named Spider Spirit named Kodan.

Ninja Gear:
Exotic weapon proficiency ninja weapons required:
Blinding Power Eggs – Touch attack DC20 fortitude or be blinded for 1d6 rounds, 1d6 nonlethal damage.
Kusari Gama – sickle and chain +2 to hit on entangle or disarm attemp
Nekode – climbing claws. +1 climb checks, +1 ac vs 1 target
Flash bombs – Daze target for a 1 round DC15 Fortitude


kirakane kirakane

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