Eastern Steam

Frontier city of Lekoi

Dim-See Half Angel Druid – Native, Dragon Turtle Affiliation
Gershwin Deep Gnome Alchemist – Foreigner
Ben Awn Human Monk – Native, Crimson Lotus Affiliation
Gowan Easter Troll Witchdoctor (Witch class) – Native, Jade Scorpion Affiliation

The adventures meet at the Tricky Tapper in in the eastern city of Lekoi. An Imperial Eunuch sits calling for bounties on the local bakemono (bat goblins) that live the swamp and raid the local etherium crystal filling stations.

The party sees various factions of Rokugan Clans (lion, crane, dragon) looking to hire. The party decides to sign on with the Crane clan representative that recently had an amethyst statue of a crane stolen by the bakemono. 1000gp per adventurer if they can bring it back.

It’s roughly 2 days travel into the Dark Lands to reach the bakemono compound.

Day 1 brings the group to a mining outpost. The roads are a swampy bog criss-crossed by dozens of timber roadways driven into the swamp. Dim-See recalls the roads leading to the phlogiston collection are marked with red flags (good survival/navigation check).

The party arrives at what looks like an oil derrick that is the farthest out phlogiston mining operation and spend the night. There are the miners and an unusual troop of 5 hessian military men in uniform at the inn.

A badly wounded samurai colapses just at the entrance to the inn later that evening. This is the samurai Sakemoto. He is revived and tells a tale of a bakemono camp to the east where his companions were not so fortunate and are probably in a stew pot at this point.

Party members failing will checks during the evening are haunted by dark and horrible things invading their dreams in the Dark Lands. This roll is made at +5 after this adventure is over as characters know what to expect.

Heading deeper into the bog the water quickly becomes deep enough outside of the mining island to where a boat is necessary. The party aquires a skiff from the foreman at the mining camp.

Some amount of scouting later the group finds the bakemono camp with 40 some goblins scampering around the camp next to a large central hut.

After sneaking up and some judicious druidic raining of rocks down on the goblins there’s a handful of goblins left and the Wujen’s (magic user’s) pet giant crocodile to deal with.

The Croc proves to be a handful and a quick to regroup after the fight is in order. The team searches the big hut before they leave and finds Sakemoto’s family sword and an iron lock box. Some hijinx later with some failed trap checks against a poison needle trap the box is opened.

200 gp worth in fine silk kimonos for a woman
Obsidian Spider Statue
Amethyst Crane Statue
Ring of Mage Armor AC 4
A sealed scroll tube

The party returns the next day to find a passage way under the cauldron (with the suspicious body parts in it) in the center of the camp. They begin to explore this underground area and set off an explosive trap which alerts the Wujen to their presence and the battle begins.


This is realy cool thank you for putting this up looks great :)

Frontier city of Lekoi
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