Eastern Steam

In the service of the Scorpion Clan

The group wanders about the villages just outside the capitol. Staying in barns or an inn when it’s available. They are wondering what to do now that their benefactor Eunuch Leng has disowned them.

After a particularly rainy evening they arrive at a simple looking inn with no sign at the edge of the road.

After resting their feet by the fire for a bit the troop is approached a man dressed in simple travelers garb suitable for a merchant or wealthy farmer. The man introduces himself as Ken a representative of the Scorpion clan.

To which the group starts drawing weapons and preparing for a fight.

Ken: “Be calm! There is no need for a fight. I’m simply here to enlighten you on some of the goings on in the capitol and to enlist your aid if you choose to accept my offer.”

After a tense few moments with several inn patrons dressed in peasants clothing suddenly taking a keen interest in the interaction with Ken versus the party. The group decides to talk it out and sheath their weapons.

Ken, “Just as the Lion clan are the soldiers of the empire the scorpion clan are the spies. You’ve inadvertently been mixed in Shogunate internal politics since the moment you took your first commission from Leng. We have some limited information linking the Eunuchs to the Imperial Guard Commander Kang. But where not really sure of the nature of that arrangement. Ideally we would of liked you to check in on Leng for us but that didn’t come to be. So in the mean time you can make use of yourselves by serving the needs of the Empire. There’s a village not to far from here that has fallen prey to a unknown malady. Check out this village and root out the cause of the illness.”

“I will contact again when we have need of you.”


kirakane kirakane

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