Eastern Steam

Ninja showdown at East Dutchman Company

The team makes good time over to outpost 80 it’s only 3-4 days travel. There are dense stands of mangrove and marsh grass that surround the 4 building Etherium extraction facility.

Two bunkhouses, an Etherium refinement building, the foreman’s quarters, and a barn like structure. Crates, i-beams, and barrels of fuel are stacked neatly in piles around the facility. The camp is very well lit by Etherium flood lamps and never really seems to not be active. The etherium derrick operates 24/7 with workers coming and going in shifts.

The foreman, Botwin, often demonstrates his expertise with a pair of whips as he cracks them close to the heads of workers who are slacking off on the job. All 20 or so workers wear grease smeared clothing with the only notable thing about them being a etherium gear box strapped to their side. All the workers carry pistols and some machete like blades.

The team spends 2 weeks staking out the place. Hunkering down in the swamp to keep an eye on this place makes for an unpleasant sit in leech infested water with mosquitoes just adding to the misery. Several itchy days later and several cure diseases from Dim-See.

The ninjas finally arrive. They just appear in camp one evening out of thin air literally. The team saw no trace of them incoming but thank the gods and some planning to set up bush blinds on their part that the ninja’s didn’t spot them on the way in.

Green Viper is wearing some sort of active camouflage items that continually cause him to appear to fade in and out of view. Black Kirin is dressed in more traditional ninja garb but is a very stocky individual as if he is a brute of a man under that clothing.

There are are 3 other traditional looking ninjas accompanying the ninja brothers.

Botwin starts yelling and cursing the ninjas out for being a week late. Black Kirin holds out a glittering golden scroll tube and calmly states, “I don’t really care if I’m meeting you foreign devils schedule or not here is the information you requested on Lion Castle. Take it or throw it into the swamp for all I care but we are done.”

While this conversation is going on Gershwin is summoning a small army of minor earth elementals and the rest of the team preps for battle. The battle is joined just as the scroll tube is tossed to Botwin.

As stones and lighting rain from the sky from Dim See. The elementals swarm the foreman.

The workers unfortunately are still standing after this as they all reach of the device at their belts and undergo a jekyll and hyde transformation into hulking brutes. They then begin to grab for crates, i-beams, and barrels and start throwing them at the heroes.

Glitter Dust falls on the ninjas so they can’t stealth way.

Ben Awn engages Green Viper and unfortunately takes an almost max damage sneak attack jab from Viper and then gets blinded by blinding powder to the face from one of the sub-lieutenant ninjas which Viper to takes another stab to the throat that knocks Ben unconscious.

Botwin responds to being swarmed by elementals by yelling for someone named Duke to get out here. While flailing his whips in a wide pattern striking everything in a wide radius around him. The etherium gear properties of the whips are apparent now as one is surrounded by flame and the other an icy trail of frost. His etherium field generator is also of superior quality as well as it has quite a high AC.

Black Kirin engages the weasel and Dim See. Beyond iron hard fists Kirin has some blackened punch blades that he slams into Dim See and Weasel.

Gershwin is engaged by by the other sub-lieutenant ninjas and is entangled in chains.

Gowan tossed down the glitter dust and successfully manages to slumber 2 of the workmen.

There’s a significant amount of damage done to the team by flying crates and barrels from the workmen. Dim See counters by blowing up the drums of fuel with a call lightning strike and finishing off the majority of the workers. The etherium derrick starts swaying precariously after after the explosion.

Botwin retreats into the main ethirum processing shack and continues to yell for Duke. But eventually succumbs to the 10 or so elementals.

Duke who has been hiding in the shack the whole time is revealed to be this 12 ft orge of an individual with a gatling gun casually slung in one arm and plates of steel strapped to his body with a strong etherium field surrounding him.

Duke lights up the swarm of elementals which go down in a hail of lead. Not before the elementals get in a good pounding on Duke.

Duke falls after some concerted efforts of:
Dim See – Call lightning and weasel fury.
Gowan – Heal Ben, Arcane Missles, more acane missles
Ben – Flying side kick to the head
Gershwin – Conga line of more elementals a few at a time.

Duke in the end turns out to be some sort of construct underneath the armor maybe a flesh golem? Part man part machine.

To the victor goes the spoils:
A couple unique items.

DR5/- Advanced Etherium Field generator. Large equipment size (i.e. you can only wear on of these)
Gattling Gun – This really needs a carriage to cart around but it’s a cool souvenir.
Gi of Camouflage – As the spell camouflage +10 bonus to stealth for the individual. Can make stealth attempts “in plain sight”.
+1 Punch Knives – +1d4 damage to unarmed strike
Ninja Sword, Quick Strike +1 – User once per round can make an immediate attack against paralyzed, blinded, immobilized or otherwise “disabled” foes. Sneak attack applies to this attack if the opponent is vulnerable to precision damage.
5 poison shuriken – 1d6 con damage dc 18


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