Eastern Steam

To the Capitol
Everything is not as it appears

Ben Awn

We time jump the story of our heroes 1 year into the future. They are all now 7th level adventurers.

The party has great success enforcing the dictates of the Empire over the next year through taking missions from Eunuch Leng. Leng and his ever present headman Quang are promoted to work at the Capitol of the Shogunate for their efforts on the frontier.

The capitol is an imposing edifice of white stone. A wall 200 ft high at it’s lowest and 300 ft height at it’s peaks surrounds the capitol. A perfect square with each face aligned to north, west, east, and south.

The team approaches with Leng’s entourage of 40 staff members and 50 cargo bears. An immense gate of reddish stone and bronze metal rises like a giant flame in the white wall facing the easter side of the city. The Fire Gate.

To the North the Gate of Earth. The South the Gate of Water. The West the Gate of Air.

The team is told to report to the foreign quarter immediately and check in and Leng will have an audience with them at 10 bells this evening.

There is a distinct lack of foreign prescience here in the capitol. The foreign quarter is large as one might expect for such a large city but it’s tucked back in a small corner of the Bazaar.

Imperial functionaries stamp travel visa marks on all visiting foreigners. The team are all marked with a magical sigil and told not be out after curfew at 13th bell (mid evening). As if on queue bells chime out the time across the city marking 8th bell.

The city is divided into 6 major sections.

  • The Bazaar. The commerce and trade sector with the largest open market in the empire.
  • The Star Gardens. The Dragon and Unicorn clans make their home here as scholars and practitioners of the magic arts.
  • The Lion Plaza. A 5000 troop strong of Lion clansmen garrison here.
  • The Cherry Blossom Grove. This is the nobles section. Eunuch Leng has a house here. Not the nicest nor the grandest but definitely very nice by noble standards.
  • The Bamboo Grove. A euphemistic term for where everyone else lives and works in the city.
  • The Shogunate’s Castle which itself is surrounded by a large wall. No buildings are allowed to be taller than this inner wall so there’s really no opportunity to see into the palace grounds.

The city has a grim looking slum surrounding the forbidden city in the center and the nicest areas are closest to the outer surrounding wall. A day or so and the reason for this becomes apparent the security is best next to the numerous wall garrisons next to the outer wall which leaves a no man’s land toward the inner city next to the Shogun’s palace where only the main thorough fairs are patrolled regularly.

Runners pulling rickshaws scurry back and forth on the main roads carrying passengers and goods.

As the heroes wonder how to spend their time for the next few hours, a shifty looking urchin girl approaches. “Come, come with me. My master has a promising opportunity for you.” The group with a round of shrugs, “why not?” They follow the girl down into a maze of back alleys and down into the slummier side of town. The place they end up is obviously a smoke house there are people sprawled out with black stained lips smoking the powerful narcotic black lotus.

At the back of the lotus den is an old man his legs have been amputated bellow the knee and his once fine clothing has seen better days. His stained beard is wild and unkempt and he leans on an old table leg like a cane in one hand. He stares off into the distance with the white pupils of someone who has had cataracts for years and is now completely blind.

GM: “Ah thank you Pip. You may go. I understand you in the employ of the Eunuch Leng? Is that correct?”.

Players: “Who are we addressing?”

GM: “Oh, who am I? I am the guild master of the beggars and thieves in the capitol.”

Players: “What do you want?”

“I would ask you to do a job for me. I need you to spy on Eunuch Leng and report to me his actions and plans. I am prepared to pay you well. Pip, show these individuals the money. "

Pip comes forward with a heavy tray of stacked silver ingots stamped with the imperial seal. These ingots are what passes for platinum pieces in the empire.

“See what the Leng is up to. You are well trusted by him.”

The team has a quick conversation and decides spying on their benefactor is not a good idea. They politely decline and the guild master tells Pip to guide them out.

“Unfortunate you did not take my offer but as wise individuals I’m sure you won’t discuss this offer with Eunuch Leng.”

The group returns to an inn to ponder this troubling visit with the Beggars Guild.

They are eventually are approached by an emissary raven with a note from Selene the the Witch of the Black Bog. Gowan is strongly encouraged to meet the witch this evening, in defiance of curfew just outside of the capitols northern wall.

The group first surveys the wall and decides only a very stealthy individual could scale the wall given the large 100’ gap up to the wall and the numerous guards stationed all up and down each stairwell leading up to the top of the wall. And not wanting to get into a fight with guards in the capitol city decide to find another way.

They return to the beggars quarter to enlist the aid of Pip go get them out the the city unseen. Pip with payment up front guides the team through the underground waterways in the city and to a drainage gate that silently slides open on rails, well greased and well maintained.

The group meets Selene in here attractive elven form in a dark grove of trees that seems completely out of place in the otherwise open rolling hills surrounding the capitol. Selene states Gowan is to retrieve a certain set of plans that are being held in Lion Clan’s main holding in the nobles district in a secret vault underneath the lion statue in the guarden. This compound belongs to a commander Kang of the imperial lion guard for the Emperor.

“Your recent actions in killing the two ninja brothers has caused some issues with my relationship with the Scorpion clan. You will retrieve these plans for me Gowan. You may go now.”

Ben Awn and Gershwin decide to help Gowan accomplish his task and a plot is hatched to distract the guards by assaulting the front of the compound with summoned creatures while Ben and Gowan sneak in the back and try to get into the secret vault where the plans are held.

Everything goes according to plan with some excellent rolls from the players allowing Ben and Gowan unobserved access to the garden at the center of the compound. Another great roll finds the switch to open the vault and the lion statue swings aside to reveal a great chest of purses of gold and a scroll tube with the plans. The gold is far to heavy to take way in the short time the team has so they grab a bag or two and the scroll. Then close the vault and escape into the night.

Ben and Gowan spend the rest of the evening evading guards in a cat and mouse chase around the capitol as they have to subdue some guards after some bad luck and bad rolls causes them to run directly into a patrol hunting for them. They eventually figure out they are being tracked by the magic markings they got when they entered the city. And dispel them and make good their escape.

Gershwin on the other hand goes back to the inn and goes to sleep and is rudely awakened by lion guards who beat him up then start asking him questions about where he was last evening. To which Gershwin replies, “I’m an old man. I can’t be expected to remember anything. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last evening.” Which earns him some more beating but they guards seem satisfied with that answer for the moment.

A magic missive eventually finds Ben Awn and Gershwin in an ally. The magic whispers in their ears, “This is Eunuch Leng come to my house immediately and we will sort this out.” The two decide to check this out.

A mostly unconscious Gershwin is dragged by the guards also to Eunuch Leng’s house and dropped off. The three intrepid adventures are yelled at for the next hour by Eunuch Leng stating it’s only your years of faithful service that is keeping you from being beheaded right now.

Eunuch Leng: “This is a great embarrassment to me personally and the lot of you are to leave the city and not come back.”

Ninja showdown at East Dutchman Company

The team makes good time over to outpost 80 it’s only 3-4 days travel. There are dense stands of mangrove and marsh grass that surround the 4 building Etherium extraction facility.

Two bunkhouses, an Etherium refinement building, the foreman’s quarters, and a barn like structure. Crates, i-beams, and barrels of fuel are stacked neatly in piles around the facility. The camp is very well lit by Etherium flood lamps and never really seems to not be active. The etherium derrick operates 24/7 with workers coming and going in shifts.

The foreman, Botwin, often demonstrates his expertise with a pair of whips as he cracks them close to the heads of workers who are slacking off on the job. All 20 or so workers wear grease smeared clothing with the only notable thing about them being a etherium gear box strapped to their side. All the workers carry pistols and some machete like blades.

The team spends 2 weeks staking out the place. Hunkering down in the swamp to keep an eye on this place makes for an unpleasant sit in leech infested water with mosquitoes just adding to the misery. Several itchy days later and several cure diseases from Dim-See.

The ninjas finally arrive. They just appear in camp one evening out of thin air literally. The team saw no trace of them incoming but thank the gods and some planning to set up bush blinds on their part that the ninja’s didn’t spot them on the way in.

Green Viper is wearing some sort of active camouflage items that continually cause him to appear to fade in and out of view. Black Kirin is dressed in more traditional ninja garb but is a very stocky individual as if he is a brute of a man under that clothing.

There are are 3 other traditional looking ninjas accompanying the ninja brothers.

Botwin starts yelling and cursing the ninjas out for being a week late. Black Kirin holds out a glittering golden scroll tube and calmly states, “I don’t really care if I’m meeting you foreign devils schedule or not here is the information you requested on Lion Castle. Take it or throw it into the swamp for all I care but we are done.”

While this conversation is going on Gershwin is summoning a small army of minor earth elementals and the rest of the team preps for battle. The battle is joined just as the scroll tube is tossed to Botwin.

As stones and lighting rain from the sky from Dim See. The elementals swarm the foreman.

The workers unfortunately are still standing after this as they all reach of the device at their belts and undergo a jekyll and hyde transformation into hulking brutes. They then begin to grab for crates, i-beams, and barrels and start throwing them at the heroes.

Glitter Dust falls on the ninjas so they can’t stealth way.

Ben Awn engages Green Viper and unfortunately takes an almost max damage sneak attack jab from Viper and then gets blinded by blinding powder to the face from one of the sub-lieutenant ninjas which Viper to takes another stab to the throat that knocks Ben unconscious.

Botwin responds to being swarmed by elementals by yelling for someone named Duke to get out here. While flailing his whips in a wide pattern striking everything in a wide radius around him. The etherium gear properties of the whips are apparent now as one is surrounded by flame and the other an icy trail of frost. His etherium field generator is also of superior quality as well as it has quite a high AC.

Black Kirin engages the weasel and Dim See. Beyond iron hard fists Kirin has some blackened punch blades that he slams into Dim See and Weasel.

Gershwin is engaged by by the other sub-lieutenant ninjas and is entangled in chains.

Gowan tossed down the glitter dust and successfully manages to slumber 2 of the workmen.

There’s a significant amount of damage done to the team by flying crates and barrels from the workmen. Dim See counters by blowing up the drums of fuel with a call lightning strike and finishing off the majority of the workers. The etherium derrick starts swaying precariously after after the explosion.

Botwin retreats into the main ethirum processing shack and continues to yell for Duke. But eventually succumbs to the 10 or so elementals.

Duke who has been hiding in the shack the whole time is revealed to be this 12 ft orge of an individual with a gatling gun casually slung in one arm and plates of steel strapped to his body with a strong etherium field surrounding him.

Duke lights up the swarm of elementals which go down in a hail of lead. Not before the elementals get in a good pounding on Duke.

Duke falls after some concerted efforts of:
Dim See – Call lightning and weasel fury.
Gowan – Heal Ben, Arcane Missles, more acane missles
Ben – Flying side kick to the head
Gershwin – Conga line of more elementals a few at a time.

Duke in the end turns out to be some sort of construct underneath the armor maybe a flesh golem? Part man part machine.

To the victor goes the spoils:
A couple unique items.

DR5/- Advanced Etherium Field generator. Large equipment size (i.e. you can only wear on of these)
Gattling Gun – This really needs a carriage to cart around but it’s a cool souvenir.
Gi of Camouflage – As the spell camouflage +10 bonus to stealth for the individual. Can make stealth attempts “in plain sight”.
+1 Punch Knives – +1d4 damage to unarmed strike
Ninja Sword, Quick Strike +1 – User once per round can make an immediate attack against paralyzed, blinded, immobilized or otherwise “disabled” foes. Sneak attack applies to this attack if the opponent is vulnerable to precision damage.
5 poison shuriken – 1d6 con damage dc 18

It's a Witch!
Ninjas in the Darklands

Ben Awn

A year later the team have become trusted agents of the Imperial shogunate and report out of the Norther City of Kem. Beyond being a city Kem is one of the great dragon turtles that represent the spirits of the land. No one has talked to Kem in long time nor has he moved in an age so most of the residents take it on faith they live on top of one of the 4 mystic dragon turtles.

Imperial Eunuch Lim summons the adventures for a quick mission into the dark lands the Spider Clan have stolen an important scroll detailing the defenses to Lion Castle to the north. The scroll was taken by two ninja brothers. Black Kirin and Green Viper. They are sure to have fled to the hidden ninja village to the east.

Eunuch Lim: “Do I look like at atlas? Of course I don’t know exactly where the hidden village is, that’s why I hired you lot. Get back the scroll!”

After a year of working in the Darklands the team no longer pays much heed to the haunting dreams and the are fairly adept at navigating the dangers of the swampy terrain.

After a quick tour of the seeder sides of town looking for information on the brothers. They settle on talking to the assassins guild and after greasing some palms with gold. The guild leader a disreputable looking dwarf with one good eye says there’s one person in the swamps that might know the location of the Hidden Village. She is a hag that lives in the center of the marsh. Party: “You mean an old woman that lives in the swamp?”
Guild Leader Nobu: “No fools, I mean a dark witch that eats children. Mind that you don’t become her dinner.”

The team navigates a skiff into the Broken Marsh in search of the . They don’t encounter much on the way in. One evenings camp is broken up by a large cloud of giant mosquitos looking to feed on blood but the pests are quickly scared away by fire.

The center of the marsh is a overgrown maze of woven together foliage. The canopy of the trees has grown together forming a tight roof over about a 2 mile per side square.

The team is leery of wandering through the hedge row maze. So they decide on a quick flight over the top of the witches abode using summoned giant bats to the center of the roof. There they spend the next 2 hours boring a hole through the roof using acid slash at 3 table spoons of acid at a time. This takes them into an open pavilion area with some wicker furniture, a bubbling cauldron, a small hut, and a slow moving slime monster that doesn’t do a very good job of sneaking up on the team but is really poisonous and manages to do some damage to Gowan.

A previous test of the cauldron revealed it contain a super caustic soup of nastiness that dissolved the tip of Dim-see’s finger when he touched it. A little concerted effort and the cauldron gets dumped on the slime monster destroying it.

A spike pit trapped entrance to the hut leads to a passage into the hedge row maze. The party finds rooms full of refuse and decay.

  • A disgusting pantry full of poisonous mushrooms and tainted food stacked on shelves and hung from hooks. Gershwin wanders a little to close to a hanging side of meat and takes a puff of caustic spores to the face.
  • A room with strange humanoid mushrooms standing stock still.
  • A pool of filth with a large tentacle that snakes out every so often. The party gives this room a wide birth.
  • A sleeping chamber with rot grubs in the bed. The grubs jump off the bed and try to make a new home in Ben Awn. Quick action from Gowan shocking Ben Awn destroys the grubs.
  • A lab with poorly maintained equipment for brewing potions and half finished portions and lab jars full of pickled small animals.
  • The party eventually finds their way to a secondary glade area with wicker furniture. After defeating a pair of very strong wooden golems.
  • The witch Selene appears to be a beautiful elf maid and makes a proposition. If the party brings her the horn of a kirin (unicorn) that dwells not too far north of the swamp she’ll tell them what they want to know. Killing sentient good creatures doesn’t really sit well with the party so they ask of another deal instead.

The second offer is if Gowan (who is a warlock) apprentices to her and does as she commands she’ll tell them what they need to know to find the ninja brothers. But she cannot tell them where the hidden village is since she and the ninja clan have an arrangement.

Gowan accepts and is marked with a tatoo of the Jade Scorpion sealing the pact between the two witches. Selene states the Black Kirin and Green Viper will be meeting the East Dutch Trading company at the furthest eastern Etherium mining facility where the edge of marsh where the sea meets the swamp in 3 weeks from now.

Campaign Notes:
Gowan now has poison resistance. He takes no Con damage from poisons up to 2 points and cannot be sickened or weakened by poison. +2 to Fort save vs all other poisons.

Gowan is now also curse to serve Selene at this point.

Bakemono Compound
Shoot out on the sea.

Ben Awn

A good listen check and Dim-See realizes there’s the sound of beating feet going away down the corridor. The team decides to give chase and trust to luck to avoid traps. This mainly involves putting the monk with the best saves up ahead of the party. A quick chase ensues down the corridor where the team runs down a corridor and passes by 5 locked rooms and triggers a poison gas trap (2 con damage) and a fire ward trap (party avoids it) before arriving at a small beach and an underground river.

Four motorized skiffs, 2 crates of grenades, and 3 crates of guns rest on the beach here. There’s a steady chug chug chug sound echoing down the walls of the underground river from the Wujen’s skiff heading down the underground river. The Wujen’s rather noisy craft can be heard but not seen.

A quick set of skill checks to operate the steam punk paddle wheel on the skiff and some boating skill later the party doesn’t close any distance but they don’t loose the Wujen either. The underground river eventually opens out the face of a sea side cliff. The ocean is well lit by the sun and it’s easy to see the the Wujen’s skiff heading for a larger ship anchored about a mile out to sea.

Given most foreign vessels have cannons. The group wisely decides not to cross the open sea in broad daylight to get to the ship. So they turn around to check out the underground compound. They find an iron portcullis that can be lowered to shut off access to the compound from the sea about 1/2 up the under ground river and shut it behind them.

3-5 hours of exploring the compound and searching ensues.

The Wujen’s quarters is covered in an artfully tailored silk canopy to look like a giant spider web hanging from the ceiling. The room contains a large bed and with a heavy chest at it’s foot. Good perception rolls reveals there’s all sorts of spiders hiding around the room staying in here for to search is just tempting a bite by a venomous spider. So they drag the big chest out and check the next room over.

An adjoining room contains 2 beds with 2 smaller footlockers there are two artfully painted wall scrolls here of geisha holding daggers behind their backs. There’s also what appears to be a set of climbing gear here. Indicating the Wujen’s henchmen are probably ninjas.

The 5 doors the group passed on the long corridor leading up to the compound are all locked and contain various trade goods.

1. Canvas, tools (nails, hammers, chisels, axes, shovels, crowbars), rope – with a brick of opium hidden among the cloth. And some blue and white uniforms.
2. Western food stuffs
3. 20 kegs of explosive powder
4. 5 crates of opium – Gershwin fails his trap disarm here badly and is knocked out by another poison needle.
5. Fine art, porcelain dishes, silverware, candle holders, fine textiles. – Another poison gas trap goes off here an catches the party. 2 con damage

The crates all have this Western house symbol that no-one recognizes but they do happen to remember the 5 foreign grenadiers in the last outpost they were at all had this same emblem on their clothing.

A lot of this is obviously valuable but unrealistic to carry with the party. Some really bad assessment rolls later they take the shinny stuff.

The party takes some time to load up their booty onto 3 of the skiffs and tie the skiffs together. About this time there’s the some very German accented shouts coming from the bakemono camp well entrance to the compound. “Fan out and find the intruders!” in a very Austrian accent. As the sound of several jack booted thugs start echoing down the halls. The whole group has low light vision so they easily see the soldiers light source before the soldiers spot them.

The party rushes to the boat and runs a line of explosive powder from the magazine room to the beach and lights it. Not really being all that experienced with explosives Dim-See grossly underestimates how fast the power burns as he lights the line of powder and in less than a second the powder has flashed all the way into the powder room. Causing a tremendous explosion that collapses the corridor and blasting Dim See who was standing at the entrance to the corridor lighting the powder into the boat. The rest of the team waiting at the boats voids the worst of it as they duck behind the edge of the boats.

A quick perception check later an ominous sizziling bacon sound coming from one of the crates of grenades is headed off at the pass by some quick action by Ben-awn dumping the crate of grenades into the water. There’s a few muffled wumps under water and everyone gets drenched but otherwise no harm done.

Dim See who was KO’d by the blast is revived by a cure spell from Gowan. At least the jack booted thugs aren’t following.

The team navigates their heavily laden skiffs out into the sea to get on the ship. Its early evening at this point and a thick mist has rolled into the harbor. Perfect for getting closer to the big ship.

They prep one boat with the remaining crate of grenades to ram the side of the ship and blow up. A failed attempt at trickery with Gowan using ventriloquism to make it sound like the boats coming from the other side gets the bomb boat shot up by 20 soldiers. The explosion while spectacular is partially underwater and not right up against the ship so the bomb boat doesn’t do as much damage as it could have to the clipper ship.

But this distraction does cause enough confusion to give the team a chance to maneuver up to the anchor lines and climb on board get on board as crew members and soldiers round around putting out fires and patching the leak in the hull.

There is the sound of shrill asian woman’s voice yelling bellow deck at a Captain Von Holt. “What sort of incompetent are you? You assured me that your men would have wiped out these intruders in the cave!” Captain Von Holt is calmly giving orders his men.

Now that the party is on board they quickly get the impression there are very few people on the ship. The greater portion of the soldiers were probably sent to sweep the compound and haven’t returned at this point.

Pressing their advantage Ben-awn dressed as a soldier heads into the fore cabin and convinces the 2 ninja their mistress needs their assistance. And at the same time Gowan using ventriloquism to sound like the captain directs all the top side crew to assist the bellow decks. The bluff works and the 2 ninja and 10 or so men top side go to help patch the hole bellow decks.

Less than a minute later more shrill yelling ensues as the ninjas are commanded topside again with a contingent of soldiers. This has given the team good time to get in ambush position however and the vanguard of 10 soldiers quickly goes down in a heap after a rain of stones on deck from Dim-See. Some straggling soldiers and the ninjas storm the deck next and engage the party. Some more team effort and the 2 ninjas and 8 more soldiers are down. Ben-awn takes some heavy damage from the combined assault from the ninjas and Dim-See is winged by a bullet.

Captain Von Holt and Shirin Shen (Wujen) have taken a secret way up to the captains quarters at the aft and jump out to engage the team. The same deadly flaming spider swarm spell lands on the party but most are able to escape it’s clutches on the open deck of the ship. Von Holt lets loose with a blunderbuss and hits all 3 of the heroes.

Von Holt is armed with very modern revolvers and a etherium shield belt which is deflecting most shots.

Shirin Shen is stunned by a stunning fist from Ben-Awn and Von-Holt futilely tries to shoot Dim-See’s weasel which in turn wins a grapple check runs up Von-holt’s pants and bites Von-Holt in the crotch and causes a point of Con damage.

Ben Awn’s next attacks knock out the Wujen.

Dim-See closes the distance on the distracted captain and stabs Von-Holt in the chest with his scimitar. Gowen tries to slumber the captain and it does not take hold. The captain takes 3 shots at Dim-See and only lands one. Then the captain takes a moment to throw the offending weasel in his pants into the ocean.

Ben-Awn engages and misses. Gowen shoots the captain with some arcane missiles for a good hit. The Dim-See misses his second attack. The captain misses the broad side of a barn with his next attacks and Ben-Awn closes the battle with multiple fists to Von-Holts face.

Shirin is turned over to the imperial shogunate as are any plans and documents the party acquired from the ship.

The team returns triumphantly to Lekoi and is rewarded handsomely for their retrieval of the Amethyst Crane statue by the Crane Clan and given a imperial commendation for their work in uncovering and foiling this an trade alliance between the Spider Clan and East Wind Trading company.

You have made enemies of the Spider and Scorpion Clans after foiling their plot to do secret trade with western powers.

Next time:
The story progresses. A few more adventures on the frontier of the Dark Lands gains the heroes some amount of fame and the respect of the district governor. They are asked to represent the interest of the Shogunate as imperial agents.

Characters are now 5th level. You get the incremental increase in money appropriate for a 5th level character. Acquire gear as you like with that money. As before the CR of the gear cannot exceed your level. 3.5 DnD stuff is ok with approval.

You are now all trusted agents of the imperial shogunate. You all have a perk at this point that gives you +1 to interaction roll with native Rokugan citizens.

Notable items should you wish to keep them:
Von Holts Gear:
Von Holts – Etherium Shield Belt AC 6 – 6 round charge
Single Action Revolvers (2) – Rapid Fire 3 shots per round -2 cumulative penalty per shot past the first 6 shot capacity 1d6 damage. Precision damage can only be applied to the first shot in a volley. 2 rounds to reload.

Blunderbuss – 1 shot, 5 rounds to reload, 2d6 damage to 30 ft cone.

Shirin’s Gear:
Slippers of Spider Climbing
Kimono of Iron Silk AC 4
2 scrolls summon swarm 2nd level spell
Spider spirit summoning charm – Summons a spirit named Spider Spirit named Kodan.

Ninja Gear:
Exotic weapon proficiency ninja weapons required:
Blinding Power Eggs – Touch attack DC20 fortitude or be blinded for 1d6 rounds, 1d6 nonlethal damage.
Kusari Gama – sickle and chain +2 to hit on entangle or disarm attemp
Nekode – climbing claws. +1 climb checks, +1 ac vs 1 target
Flash bombs – Daze target for a 1 round DC15 Fortitude

Frontier city of Lekoi

Dim-See Half Angel Druid – Native, Dragon Turtle Affiliation
Gershwin Deep Gnome Alchemist – Foreigner
Ben Awn Human Monk – Native, Crimson Lotus Affiliation
Gowan Easter Troll Witchdoctor (Witch class) – Native, Jade Scorpion Affiliation

The adventures meet at the Tricky Tapper in in the eastern city of Lekoi. An Imperial Eunuch sits calling for bounties on the local bakemono (bat goblins) that live the swamp and raid the local etherium crystal filling stations.

The party sees various factions of Rokugan Clans (lion, crane, dragon) looking to hire. The party decides to sign on with the Crane clan representative that recently had an amethyst statue of a crane stolen by the bakemono. 1000gp per adventurer if they can bring it back.

It’s roughly 2 days travel into the Dark Lands to reach the bakemono compound.

Day 1 brings the group to a mining outpost. The roads are a swampy bog criss-crossed by dozens of timber roadways driven into the swamp. Dim-See recalls the roads leading to the phlogiston collection are marked with red flags (good survival/navigation check).

The party arrives at what looks like an oil derrick that is the farthest out phlogiston mining operation and spend the night. There are the miners and an unusual troop of 5 hessian military men in uniform at the inn.

A badly wounded samurai colapses just at the entrance to the inn later that evening. This is the samurai Sakemoto. He is revived and tells a tale of a bakemono camp to the east where his companions were not so fortunate and are probably in a stew pot at this point.

Party members failing will checks during the evening are haunted by dark and horrible things invading their dreams in the Dark Lands. This roll is made at +5 after this adventure is over as characters know what to expect.

Heading deeper into the bog the water quickly becomes deep enough outside of the mining island to where a boat is necessary. The party aquires a skiff from the foreman at the mining camp.

Some amount of scouting later the group finds the bakemono camp with 40 some goblins scampering around the camp next to a large central hut.

After sneaking up and some judicious druidic raining of rocks down on the goblins there’s a handful of goblins left and the Wujen’s (magic user’s) pet giant crocodile to deal with.

The Croc proves to be a handful and a quick to regroup after the fight is in order. The team searches the big hut before they leave and finds Sakemoto’s family sword and an iron lock box. Some hijinx later with some failed trap checks against a poison needle trap the box is opened.

200 gp worth in fine silk kimonos for a woman
Obsidian Spider Statue
Amethyst Crane Statue
Ring of Mage Armor AC 4
A sealed scroll tube

The party returns the next day to find a passage way under the cauldron (with the suspicious body parts in it) in the center of the camp. They begin to explore this underground area and set off an explosive trap which alerts the Wujen to their presence and the battle begins.


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