Character Creation

This is going to be a fantasy campaign with steam punk elements.

So items off the Pathfinders gun chart are common place items as are lightning guns, robots, and steam powered armor and so on.


Character stats are done by distributing 72 attribute points anyway you want. That averages out to 12 on every stat (or +1 stat bonus per stat).

Money and Gear

Characters start with as much money and gear as their appropriate level of money buys them. With the following guidelines. You can’t buy gear higher than your level. Plus’ on items are limited to level/5 rounded up. And minimally you really should have this basic gear.

At 9th level the current load out should be…
+2 armor, +2 weapon, +2 statistic item (your primary stat is a good choice), +2 resistance all item, 4 cure moderate potions.

The rules for steam punk gear are here. Note you need to reduce your overall total money by 10% if you choose to take steam punk gear.

Choose a Faction

  • Foreigner or Native Rokuganese

If you are a Native Choose a clan

  • Scorpion
  • Lion
  • Crane
  • Unicorn
  • Dragon

House rules

And just for general survivability everyone gets 10 temporary hit points that refresh at the beginning of every battle.

Character Creation

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