Welcome to steam punk in fantasy Japan

The Easter Steampunk campaign is loosely based on the colonial expansion of western powers in to Japan during the 1800’s. Samurai, Guns, Magic, and Eastern mysticism all exists side by side in this setting.

Since this is a Steam Punk campaign fanciful mad-scientist creations abound powered by Phlogiston. Phlogiston for this campaign is the literal primal stuff of magic and exists in abundance in the Dark Lands of Rokugan along with nasty monsters of all eastern sorts.

Phlogiston is captured into a crystalline mineral called etherium. Power crystals are used to fuel the Steampunk technology of the setting.

Characters have the option of being a native Rokugan with a tie to the mystic powers of the kami (elemental spirits) that roam Rokugan or being a foreign privateer with access to Steampunk gear.

Character Creation
Native Rokugan Factions and Powers
Steampunk Gear

Eastern Steam

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