Eastern Steam

Capitol Punishment

We have a new player this week playing
Old Guard:
Ben Awn

We time jump another year.

Disturbing news flows out of the capitol about how foreign armed militias have taken over the streets of the capitol of Rokugan. The Eunuch’s have rebelled against the Emperor with the assistance of the capitol’s Lion Clan Commander Kang.

A few more jobs like the one at Blue Frog village come the parties way. It’s surprising that there’s this type of activity so close to the capitol. They sort of expected it when they were stationed on the frontier next to the Deadlands but not here in the heart of Rokugan.

There are rumors swirling that the clans are marshaling up for an all out civil war at this point. The existing Shogun is old and may have already been deposed by the Eunuchs and Kang.

Ken approaches the team. This time he and his men take no particular measures to hide their identity as Scorpion clan members. They are dressed for war. Enameled and lacquered armor with the scorpion clan mon are openly displayed. Several individuals are dressed in full o-youroi (plate armor).

Ken: “The clan armies are gathering in the hills surrounding the city. Before all out fighting starts I’m hoping to send a team into the city and find out what is going on in there. Sneak into Leng’s house and find out what he knows about what is happening in the city.”

The team returns to the site where they left the city last through the underground waterways cutting under the capitol.

Without Pip to guide them however hit’s a much more risky proposition. Mainly by good fortune and good rolls they manage to avoid any of the sewers nastier inhabitants.

They find their way under the noble’s quarter bath house and after sending Ben Awn head to scout. The feel sneaking around in the bath house is going to be a problem so decide to use Dimension Door to teleport over to an ally way and proceed from there.

Roving bands of 8-10 mercenaries wearing black arm bands with a blue flame symbol patrol the streets. Most of these mercs are foreign so the team picks a random group of lesser equipped thugs, beats them up, and steals their arm bands. So with armbands on the party just walks the street up to Leng’s house a couple blocks over.

Scaling the wall the team sets off a fire trap and audible alarm. Gershwin is singed badly. Zerick not so much. Ben Awn avoids it completely with evasion.

Leng’s headman Quang comes rushing out of the building with 6 samurai in tow. The samurai all wear lion clan armor except it’s black with red trim instead of the normal gold and white of the lion clan.

The two sides battle each other for a bit but Quang and his men are defeated. The alarm is still sounding and the team only has short time to get to the small pavillion house in the guarden. They were not allowed back there the last time they visited Leng so the figure that must be Leng’s private quarters.

After opening up a screen to the pavilion another a fire trap bellows out from the doorway to the pavilion. Ben Awn is generally providing the trap avoidance by opening doors quickly and diving away with evasion while the rest of the team stands back. Gershwin and Zerick were standing a little to close this time and got roasted.

A 10 ft statue of Ching Dai (god of misfortune) sits in the pavilion and really nothing else. The statue radiated a powerful protection aura that prevented any of Gershwin’s summoned creatures from approaching.

This rendition of the god has multiple arms some hands palm up in a welcoming gesture and some palm out as if telling the adventures to stop.

Some fiddling with the statue determines the arms can be moved and folding all the arms that are palm out causes the whole statue to slide aside to reveal a spiral stair case down.

The passageways leading Leng’s chambers are guarded by magical combination locks that require answering a riddle.

8 Door Room
All eight doors start closed. When you open a door it opens two others. If there are only 2 doors left opening either one cause all the doors to close.

You must open all doors to proceed.

1st Riddle
A merchant sells eggs. He states he sold all his eggs one day to 3 customers but he did it in a very peculiar way. Each customer bought 1/2 his eggs plus 1/2 egg. How many eggs did the merchant start the day with.

2nd Riddle
In 60 days a pond is completely covered in lilies. Each day the lilies double in the area they cover. How long does it take to cover 1/2 the pond?

The group also ran into a dead end where there was no riddle and was instead a bit of text that was gibberish but had a symbol of confusion. The group ran into one of these and alternately drooled and beat each other up for 6 rounds.

The team eventually opens a door to a three seat council chamber with black lacquered table with a stylized blue flame painted in the center. 4 summoning circles sit a each corner each containing an invisible but powerful air elemental according to Gershwin.

Gershwin sends a new set of summoned monsters in first to trigger any traps and as expected the 4 magical circles release their invisible residents and the battle is joined.

The battle is short and all the damage is absorbed by the summoned monsters.

The 3 throne like chairs surrounding the table have distinctive markings.

One has the 4 elements carved in stylized woodwork. – This they figure is Leng’s chair since they have see him case powerful elemental magics.

One has a dragon motif inlaid in gold. – The Eunuch’s are know as the Eunuch sorcerers and sorcery’s supposedly is based on dragon magic. So this make some sense.

One chair is just very utilitarian – Well made but otherwise unadorned.

The team had been told at one point that there are 64 Eunuch sorcerers. So why have a meeting room only for 3?

A detailed search of the room reveals a hidden compartment in Leng’s chair. Containing a stack of paperwork and a ledger. A quick look over the paperwork reveals extended correspondence between the various Eunuchs. The team can find no other exits from this room. So decide to leave with what they have and teleport up to street level using dimension door.

The ledger details visits to various mercenary companies and amounts paid. The names are various fanciful animal names like Smoke Monkey, Jade Jaguar, and Crimson Phoenix. The notable entry however is Crimson Phoenix. The pay schedule indicates this troupe is due to be paid today at the Street of Spears.

After spending 30 minutes or so reading through Leng’s correspondence. One letter stands out.

“If Alakai has returned as you suggest we must move up our plans. The Jade Curse cannot be allowed to spread beyond the Imperial City.


The next session picks up with the team going to Street of Spears to find the Crimson Phoenix mercenaries and hopefully Leng.


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