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returning to the capitol

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The troupe having found some useful information about Leng and his dealings in the capitol. Check on the Lane of Spears. There are easily 100 lodges here with an ornate spear with a colorful banner attached planted in the ground in front. Hiring a band of at merc-con, involves taking the banner and presenting in to the mercenary groups leader.

The Crimson Phoenix lodge is easy to spot at the end of the street easily twice as large as the smallest mercenary long house. From the hall of Crimson Phoenix the group can hear bellowing.

“Can you smell what the Phoenix is cooking!” Followed by a loud thud from some unfortunate being slammed in floor with a mighty whump!

The leader of the Crimson Phoenix is an imposing muscled figure wearing pants with a flame pattern and a ornate set of chains crossed in an X over his chest. He wears his hair in a bun held in place by a stylized flame head piece. The group thinks of approaching The Roc and then thinks better of that idea as he picks up his dazed foe in a one armed head lock and waves at the crowd with his free arm while his foe turns purple.

Asking around no-one has seen Leng since this morning. And Leng often travels in a large palanquin held up by 8 men. An easy item to spot, given it’s not present probably means Leng is not here.

Finding Leng turns out not to be that hard. The characters see ubiquitous errand/messenger boys running up and down the street. A few silver and a quick scrum conversation between the messengers and a boy is off running to deliver their message to Leng that they want to meet in the Land of Spears. Fox realizes that he really doesn’t need to wait for Leng’s reply he can just follow the messenger and the boy will lead him to Leng.

The boy sets a brisk pace running for the better part of 30 minutes and Fox is glad he kept up with is calisthenics. (good endurance roll)

Fox ends up in the southern part of the Capitol in the foreign quarter. The area is a hot bed of military activity. There is a battalion of foreign troops camped out in the quarter. It’s not quite clear how such a large force would of been moved in here without notice but they are here now. Some 5000 strong with heavy cannon and Gatling guns. This is a well organized military force and not some band of foreign mercenaries.

There’s the markings of the East Dutchman company on all the supplies but the troops themselves Fox can’t quite place their accent or their uniforms. And he doesn’t quite have time to chat up some soldiers as the boy makes a bee line strait for the command center.

The one thing he does notice is the troops are all wearing the same arm bands with the blue flame. The soldiers uniform is a dark blue Napoleonic flock coat and all wear white helmet with a single spike on the top with a horse hair plume flowing back from the spike.

Fox by a stroke of luck happens to have one of these uniforms from a previous encounter with East Dutchman Trading’s troops before.

Fox catches a lucky break as he approaches a command center in a converted meeting hall in the center for the quarter. He can see a troop movement board laying out the city. There’s enough units to indicate 5000 or so mercenaries in small batches around town in the allied color.

The eastern Lion clan fortress is marked in an ally color marking 5000 men there. The western Lion clan fortress belonging to Commander Kang is marked in a ally color and marks 5000 troops there.

Markers for each of the major clans of Rokugan are marked just outside the city. 5000 strong each. Lion, Dragon, Unicorn, Crane, and Scorpion. Fox is scratching his head and wondering when that particular development happened. There were no armies out there 3 days ago when they entered the city.

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