Steampunk Gear

Here are the general rules for etherium crystal steam punk based gear.



All E-gear is like a loaded six shooter or a battery driven device.
There is no E-gear that has unlimited uses. This includes otherwise “permanent” items that normally give their effect or bonus all the time.

E-gear for play purposes never runs out of charges. Instead they have a number of loaded “uses” that’s 6 shots or 6 rounds of operation before needing to be reloaded with crystal as a standard action.


  • E-gear armor applies it’s AC versus firearms. And firearms are going to be super prevalent in the game so it’s beneficial to have some.
  • E-gear is ubiquitous any class can use them
  • E-gear can be made for any slot.


  • E-gear has a malfunction chance of 1 in 20 for trained users.
  • You have to reload it.
  • You have to maintain it. (strait 10% tithe on all your money goes to maintaining your gear)

Small crystal devices:

Small devices have 6 uses per charge. You reload it with a small chunk of etherium crystal as a standard action.

A use equals:
1 attack or single shot spell effect
1 round of operation for buffs

Large crystal devices:

These use back pack sized crystal cores. These are measured in minutes to hours of operation or 300 charges.

Crystal cores are not interchangeable with etherium crystal chunks. Gear that uses crystal cores needs to be specifically designed around using a core.

Generally you can only have 1 item of this type on you at any time due to space considerations. Your armor tends to be a good choice.


Steam punk items are have triggers or buttons to activate but require continuous maintenance and fine tuning to work.

They are not class specific.

Foreigners to Rokugan have a free feat “Steamage Citizen” that gives them knowledge of using and maintaining steam punk gear.

This manifest itself as characters with the feat only having a 1 in 20 chance of malfunction on etherium gear. This is rolled per use or per round as appropriate for that gear.

Those without the feat have 50/50 chance of a malfunction.

The most common malfunction is crystal burnout where the remaining charges are lost and item becomes non-functional for a random number of rounds.
h2. Item Creation:
PCs wishing to create etherium items need to acquire a feat Etherium Engineer every 5 levels allowing them to create CR appropriate gear for that 5 level tier.

Crystals are generally considered to be always available to PC gear (except for plot driven reasons) and PCs using etherium gear simply set aside 10% of money earned to pay for refills gear maintenance.


No two etherium powered devices are quite alike so some time needs to be spent examining gear and understanding it’s function one hour per CR level of the gear.

Knowledge engineering is the core skill to use when working with etherium gear.

Rouges skills interact with etherium gear as if it was a magic device when using disable device skill or use magic device.

Steampunk Gear

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